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A Safe Method Of UV Air Disinfection Designed To Limit Airborne Germs In Occupied Spaces

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Utilising ultraviolet technology to clean the air in Hospitals, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and other public spaces in Australia and around the World.


Designed to be small so that it is out of the way. Easily scale up and spread out by using multiple units in large spaces. Optional stands and brackets available on request.


UV light exposure can be harmful - OXIRA's UV bulbs are enclosed in a box unit, shielding from exposure to eyes and allowing the units to be used an occupied space. Our compact enclosed design allows for the disinfecting power of UV light all day, without having to leave the room. Enclosed UV lamps, no line‑of‑sight and low voltage.



OXIRA is engineered specifically to provide disinfecting and purifying UV light in combination with slow moving air to achieve the most effective UV sanitation for the air that passes through the unit. Strong enough to lower the airborne germ count in public spaces, and safe enough to be used at home or in any room where you work, rest, or play.


Used in facilities in more than 61 countries around the world for more than a decade,  OXIRA uses the same powerful ultraviolet (UV) irradiation we trust to disinfect water, air and surfaces. FCC & CE certified,  OXIRA Air Neutralisers are thoroughly tested to ensure great performance.

Developed in Australia, now manufactured in the UK . The Global Standard for compact Air Neutralisers.

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Used in facilities large & small around the world, OXIRA has been a trusted air purifying device for more than 10 years.

CE & FCC certified, OXIRA is here to improve your air quality. Now UKCA-UKNI compliant.

Produces Ultraviolet light at 254nm, effectively lowering the airborne germ count and reducing the chance of transmission of germs between people whilst indoors. Ideal for small rooms with more people – higher risk areas e.g. Doctor’s rooms / Nurse stations / Staff rooms / Aged Care residences / Child care.

Specialised design producing Ozone to attack odour particles providing a non-checmical method of deodorising air. Ozone at these low levels are safe and dissipates very quickly. Restricted for specialised use only.

An advanced version of the  Nocturne model, for higher air flow,  with the incorporation of a refector around the Ultraviolet lamp. This intensifies the germicidal effects of the lamp. Oxira continuously seek to improve the performance of these Ultraviolet Air Neutralisers through research and development which resulted in this model incorporating an advanced reflector. Ideal for medium sized rooms with above average number of people. Recommended for higher risk areas: e.g. Schools, waiting rooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OXIRA products utilize Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV-C) Lamps. Germicidal ultraviolet lamps used in OXIRA Ultraviolet products are shortwave, low pressure tubes that produce ultraviolet wavelengths lethal to micro-organisms in the air, on surfaces and in water. Some of our product lines are designed for occupied spaces whereas others are for UNOCCUPIED spaces. The Ozone unit is designed for use when the area is not occupied by humans or animals. Ideal for over night treatment. Ozone can effect breathing, but once switched off soon disperse to allow harmless use of the area.

OXIRA units have been designed specifically for the healthcare industry where simplicity and durability is of paramount importance. Most units out in the market are simply ionisers or dust filters. Whilst they are good at what they do, they are not ultraviolet units. OXIRA uses top quality German ultraviolet tubes to generate high quality UV-C effects and/or ozone. OXIRA units have also been designed with multiple mounting options in mind, specifically wall and ceiling mounting. Tower stands are also available, or simply the units can be placed on any surface. OXIRA units have also been designed with as much safety as possible. The ultraviolet light is shielded as much as possible so that no light is in direct line of sight with the user’s eyes. Many of the other products in the market do not place such safety as an importance.

All OXIRA units all work using the same technology – ultraviolet irradiation. Air is sucked into the unit, the ultraviolet light treats the air and the treated air is expelled from the unit. For the germicidal models, the UV-C used is at 254nm wavelength, which deactivates the cells of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi from the air.

With the Ozone / XN model, the UV-C used is at 185nm wavelength, which is also germicidal, but more importantly generates a steady stream of ozone.