Sentry Model

Designed for use in busy personal care service salons; beauty, hair, nails etc., gyms and exercise studios, restaurants, dental laboratories and dentists operating rooms, etc., the fan and UVC lamp in the Sentry model will ensure that the air in the environment is continuously treated to remove harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi protecting both customers and staff.

An advanced version of the basic XG model with the incorporation of a refector around the Ultraviolet lamp. This intensifies the germicidal effects of the lamp. Oxira continuously seek to improve the performance of these Ultraviolet Air Neutralisers through research and development which resulted in this model incorporating an advanced reflector.

Product Details:

  • Powerfully quiet
  • Barely noticible in a busy room, providing a gentle yet purposeful stream of treated air.
  • Fan noise level 27 dBa – equivalent to a desktop PC fan running moderately fast
  • Ideal for medium sized rooms with above average number of people
  • Recommended for higher risk areas: e.g. Schools, waiting rooms