UK News Update

RME have teamed up with OXIRA UVC Germicide technology to provide a proven solution to localised germ free air for professional and cleanroom use. .
Built to the high standards you would expect from RME, cased in stainless steel to allow cleaning, with the international proven OXIRA UVC technology inside.
UKCA marked, EMC and Electrical Safety certified by internationally approved certification labs.
Proven by leading UK based Institute to be 99.99% effective against airborne microorganisms, molds and fungus including COVID/ SARS/ Virus and Bacteria.
Contact to see who we can be part of your infection control
OXIRA for use within the professional and commercial environment.  Compacted design allows local delivery of 99.99% germ free air. CE and UKCA marked, proven UVC effectiveness by leading UK lab and certified to meet international electrical safety standards. The OXIRA offer over 10 years of proven international healthcare use , now avaibilbe to the professional and general market.
 Compacted personnel and local germ free area. Protection for staff and customers..   Unlike large central UVC system, the OXIRA are design to give the high performance at the points you need it most.
Used in international government offices,  5 star hotels and public services.

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