Established in 1995


Oxira.co.uk is the combination of proven Australian UV-C germicide technology and Rainbow Medical Engineering Ltd expertise in medical equipment manufacturing.

The OXIRA was developed in Australia in 1995 as a compact and highly efficient UV-C germicide lamp originally to fight against SARS, TB and other airborne infections.   It soon established itself with healthcare across the Australasian and Pacific Basin.  As the product capabilities and the demand for neutralised air increased the OXIRA started to be sold to commercial as well as professional user. 

The OXIRA is established in over 61 countries including the USA.  It is now started to push into Europe with the regional HQ based at Rainbow Medical Engineering as well as the import hub for UK and Ireland and the EU.       

Rainbow Medical Engineering has been in the business of manufacturing state-of-the-art assembly solution for some of the largest medical and automotive companies in the World for over 35 years. With a reputation of providing the quality service and products, Rainbow Medical Engineering was pleased to partner with OXIRA.  Working from its new cleanroom and assembly area, Rainbow Medical Engineering assemble the units directly from Australia for distribution across Europe.  Rainbow Medical Engineering introduced the Stainless Steel cased Professional versions for those that require additional cleaning and surface cleanliness.


Together Rainbow Medical Engineering and OXIRA International have formed OXIRA Medical Ltd to develop the UV-C technology for medical applications.