Office Leisure Hospitality and Personal Space

The OXIRA offers three different models to suit whatever application you require.

 The OXIRA pulls in the surrounding air and passes it past a UVC germicide lamp. This kill airborne microorganisms molds and fungus and produces a stream of a clean germ-free air which displaces the untreated air leaving you, your staff and customers in a germ reduced zone.   When used in an enclosed you can feel the freshness. 


For areas where you require a quiet and discreet germ-free air for staff and customers the Nocturne (low flow) is ideal.  Its small compact sizes allow it to be used for discreet clean air protection.

Easy to carry for protection of your personal space where every you go, quite enough for the bedroom, broad room or office. Ideal for wall amounting above eating and drinking areas.


For areas where there is higher background noise and more activity , the Sentry (High Flow) is ideal. Desk or wall mounted the Sentry offers high flow to maximizes the protection of staff and customers within a larger area.  Ideal for open spaces, gyms, bars and areas of higher activity. 


For areas where odour neutralising is required the XN Ozone unit is ideal.  As these are Ozone units they should be used when the space does not have people or animal activity.    The XN Ozone was developed for use in storage areas and to freshen gyms and food storage overnight.  They are suitable for use in fridges and food counters, so the area smells fresh in the morning.   The XN Ozone unit is often use with the Sentry in food preparation.  The XN Ozone cleans the air at night and sanitises the surfaces, then the Sentry is switched on to continue clean air protection during the day.  OXIRA UK offer a range of switching timers that allow the units to be set up and left to protect you.




The OXIRA are widely used in some of the leading Hotel and Entertainment establishment across the Southern Hemisphere. Recently installed in one of Hong Kong leading 5 start hotel chains.

The Sentry is idea for high through put of people, reception area, bars and public areas, whilst the Nocturne is suited to quite areas and bedrooms.  The wall mounting allows for discreet air clean air in studies, restaurants, and meeting areas. The compact size and 12V power requirements allow for easy fitting in to lefts and restrooms.  Giving protection within small, enclosed spaces for the customer, staff and next users. 

Available in Powered coated grey or stainless steel, for volume order the units can be laser etched with the company or hotel logo and branding.

The devices have been certified under the strictest international safety standards, FCC, CE marked and recently UKCA;


The OXIRA was developed for the use in Healthcare as a way of reducing airborne contamination in theatres and wards.  It has been proven to be effective against Covid, TB, C.diff, and other Hospital Acquired Infection.  For over 10years the OXIRA has been used to protect hospitals, dentist clinics and care homes.

Available in Stainless Steel to allow cleaning of the outer surface with hospital-based cleaning solutions, and alcohol wipes.

The Nocturne is idea for near patient air quality improvement, quite enough to be used in the wards, examination and waiting areas. Its compact size makes it ideal to give nursing staff protection when at the desk or on the ward.

The Sentry is idea for mounting on the wall above meeting areas, drink machines, kitchens, staff rooms or for treating the air between patients. The high air flow makes it practicality useful for use in dental procedure rooms.    


  • Three Models Types : Nocturne (Low Flow) , Sentry (High Flow) , XN Ozone (Medium Flow plus Ozone)
  • Fan Assisted, Gentle flow for maximum UV-C exposure.
  • Safety, 12V low voltage and no line-of-sight
  • Compact, with its compact size, gives flexibility in usage, weighs less than 500grms
  • Low Operating Cost, 12V less than 18W of energy to run
  • Low Maintenance, life of UV tubes is approx 10000hrs.
  • Quiet, unnoticeable in public areas
  • Proven, UV-C High –Output Low Pressure Arc Lamp
  • Stainless Steel option allows for easy surface cleaning using sanitisers within a professional and healthcare environment
  • Portable for Clean Air on the go, or Wall Mounted for permanent protection.
  • Supplied with UK three pin 12V 18W power supply. Ready to use straight out of the box.
  • Supplied with Universal Desk Stand and Wall mount with fixings for maximum versatility .
  • Suitable for 12V vehicle power leads
  • Fits easily in Laptop Bag for hotel stays, business trips, teacher desks, in the office or in public places.
  • International Power Supplies can be provided.
  • Quite enough to use in office or bedroom.
  • Current Microbiological effectiveness has verified by some of the leading virologist and microbiological departments of international centres of excellence.
  • The devices meeting the international standards for EMC and Electrical Safety.
  • EMC CFR47 FCC Part 15 Sub B (Class B), EMC EN55015:2019 ,EMC EN61547:2009
  • The OXIRA family are CE, and FCC Certified. Now UKCA /UKNI certified .






Flow Rate




Gentle Flow




Fan 12dBa


High Flow




Fan 27dBa

XN Ozone

Mid Flow




Fan 16dBa