Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Units 254nm Ultraviolet

Used in facilities large & small around the world, OXIRA has been a trusted air purifying device for more than 10 years.

CE, UKCA, FFCC certified to international standards OXIRA is here to improve your air quality.


OXIRA Air Care Units


Produces Ultraviolet light at 254nm, effectively lowering the airborne germ count and reducing the chance of transmission of germs between people whilst indoors.


Naturally Neutralizing Airborne Germs

OXIRA products are designed to be compact and sleek- sure to fit any space and style. Les than 1 kg and >35 cms long, you can set it on your desk, mount it to your ceiling, or set it up anywhere in your home or business.

User friendly – just plug it in! 

OXIRA units have been designed with simplicity and durability in mind, making it suitable and manageable for any size business in nearly any industry.  OXIRA units have also been designed with safety as a primary consideration. The ultraviolet light is shielded as much as possible so that no light is in direct line of sight with the user’s eyes. Many of the other products in the market do not place such safety as an importance.

OXIRA is designed to fit nearly anywhere you’d like. On top of tables or shelves, on or under your desk- OXIRA  is versatile enough to fit nicely into the aesthetic of any space . It is important that the area is uncluttered and can’t be reached by children or the general public.

  • Includes a 12V power supply fitted with a standard UK 3 pin plug



  • Advanced model with gentle air flow
  • Fan noise level: 12 dBa
  • Ideal for small rooms with more people – higher risk areas

Compact Design

OXIRA is designed to provide effective germicidal air disinfection that can safely be used in any occupied space using low-flow air circulation to disinfect air without exposure to harmful UV rays. UV light is nature's way of cleaning out the air- OXIRA has packaged this natural process for you to safely lower the germ count in your space.

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99.99% effectively reduces airbourne microorganism including Covid Virus, SAR, Bacterium and Mould and Fungus with 1.7 to 8.7 sec.

Reference LIA report L19491A June 2021 .