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OXIRA units have been developed to provide a convenient source of UV-C and Ozone to help purify the air that you breathe. UV-C radiation has a long history of germicidal use as it damages the DNA and proteins of viruses (including COVID‑19 / SARS-CoV-2), stopping them reproducing. In micro‑organisms the chemical bonds get disrupted, causing the cells to die.

OXIRA: 99% Effective Against Covid-19

Australian Made Global Standard Air Neutralisers – Naturally Neutralising Airborne Germs

Used in facilities large & small around the world, OXIRA has been a trusted air purifying device for more than a decade. OXIRA products are designed to be compact and sleek – sure to fit any space and style. At only 0.5kg and 335mm long, you can place it on your desk, mount it to your ceiling, or set it up anywhere in your home or business.

User friendly – just plug it in!

Latest Scientific News: UVC, Covid-19, SARS-Cov-2

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More reports on the effectivity of UVC to destroy COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2).


Technical Characteristics of Product Range

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The FAQs page provides additional information regarding which model is best for different locations.


SAFE: UV light exposure can be harmful – OXIRA’s UV bulbs are enclosed in a box unit, shielding from exposure to eyes and allowing the units to be used an occupied space. Our compact enclosed design allows for the disinfecting power of UV light all day, without having to leave the room. Enclosed UV lamps, no line‑of‑sight and low voltage.

EFFICIENT: OXIRA is engineered specifically to provide disinfecting and purifying UV light in combination with slow moving air to achieve the most effective UV sanitation for the air that passes through the unit. Strong enough to lower the airborne germ count in public spaces, and safe enough to be used at home or in any room where you work, rest, or play.

COMPACT: Designed to be small so that it is out of the way. Easily scale up and spread out by using multiple units in large spaces. Optional stands and brackets available on request.

CONVENIENT: OXIRA units have been designed with simplicity and durability  in mind. OXIRA units can be easily placed on any desk or flat surface and even in your car. Start cleaning your air in one step – just plug it in!

TRUSTED:  Used in facilities in more than 61 countries around the world for more than a decade,  OXIRA uses the same powerful ultraviolet (UV) irradiation we trust to disinfect water, air and surfaces. FCC & CE certified,  OXIRA Air Neutralisers are thoroughly tested to ensure great performance.

OXIRA is certified and has been proven by independent labs and healthcare professionals across 4 continents. This technology is being offered to consumers in the UK market for their home or business needs. OXIRA products are thoroughly tested and certified through the agencies of the countries being supplied.

Where Can I use an Oxira Air Neutraliser?

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The FAQs page provides additional information regarding which model is best for different locations.

UV Light – Mother Nature’s Favorite Disinfectant

The effectiveness of UV light to destroy viruses, bacteria and mold is well documented and the use of UV light to disinfect public and private spaces is becoming a major player in stopping the spread of infectious diseases today. UV disinfection is a reliable and environmentally‑friendly addition to chemical sanitation.  UV lamps fitted to the OXIRA units are manufactured from high quality quartz glass; a material known for its extremely high stability and transparency to UV radiation. ​

OXIRA is designed to provide effective germicidal air disinfection that can safely be used in any occupied space using low‑flow air circulation to disinfect air without exposure to harmful UV rays. UV light is nature’s way of cleaning air – OXIRA has packaged this natural process for you to safely lower the germ count in your space.